introducing self•lationship

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the birth of self•lationship.

self•lationship is an idea born to me around 3am on a random April night during mandatory Covid-19 quarantine. I have been single for quite some time now and unfortunately I sometimes associate that with negative thoughts. The good thing is, I’m in therapy so trust me I’ve been doing the work to get rid of those negative thoughts and my negative perception towards relationships. Thanks to therapy I have been doing some much needed reflection. In doing so, self•lationship was developed.

We hear so much about how to work on relationships outside of ourselves but what about the one within? Self-care propaganda has stormed the battlefields of Instagram influencers all over the place. But what exactly does it all mean? Is self-care just spa days, mani, pedi, massages, and facials?

No, it is not. Self-care asks one to look all the way within to see what self truly needs. What will make you feel good not only in the moment but can also contribute to more feeling good later on down the line. That my friends, is the true definition of self-care.

self•lationship is that a direct result from my own methods of personal care merged with what I’ve observed from others. self•lationship is the true essence of one’s relationship with themselves.

3am pandemic thoughts.


Self-lationship is a self-love blog dedicated to uplifting the spirits of single Black Women. This is a blog centered around the love you deserve to give yourself throughout your life, no matter who is or isn’t around. Whether you desire to be in a relationship one day, or not, this a space for you to heal, be real and chill. Cheers to finding a place of solitude, self-care and serenity!