Recharge Your Battery



DISCLAIMER: The following post is an original post from my first blog She.Is.Splendid. Over the next few months I will be sharing some of my favorite and most impactful pieces with you all. Enjoy! Please make sure to comment and share with someone who makes you smile.

With all this access to information left, right, upside down and right side up, a lot of us can get swept up into the rug of panic at any given moment. Often times before we even consider what it actually going, we freak the f*ck out. Well I am here to tell you…I do the same thing and often. As a person who often battles bouts of depression and anxiety, there are times when this wealth of information before me can cause me to remain in an internal battle all day, every day. Sometimes I think that those who came before me had it easy for a few reasons. For one they weren’t inundated with the access we have now to all the current topics, trends, tweets and such. Regardless, each generation has their cross to carry and burdens to bury. I say all that to say a lot of the current events in the world and in this country has been weighing heavy on my heart adding onto my personal issues.

Regardless, each generation has their cross to carry and burdens to bury.

Thus, as of late I have been feeling a bit hypocritical of my actions. Here I am this individual who feels called to inspire others and be a motivating force but I am stuck in a feeling where I can barely do the same for myself. How does that even work? I sometimes search for hope within myself but all I get back in return is a sheer sense of hopelessness. This is why it is important to surround yourself with individuals who are willing to and capable of uplifting you when you no longer feel the power to uplift yourself. Throughout my life I have served others more than I’ve done so for myself, and sometimes that can get quite draining. It is now in this current personal development phase within my life that I more in tune with the needs of me. I understand the importance of charging my battery before charging the battery of others.

In just one month I will be 23 years old and one of my goals for that age is to live a life more radical than I ever have in the past. But, that will require some work. One part of that works is being consistent with fueling my energy before trying to do so for others. You know when you get on the plane and the flight attendant explains the emergency plan, the first thing they say about the mask is to place onto your face first THEN onto the person you helping. If you are someone who is currently working or planning to work in a field related to human services you’ve go to take that flight attendant approach. If you’re not breathing, how can you help others breathe?


Another goal is to get rid of major doubts that I’ve had in myself. A lot of us walk around with our heads held low, and our eyes simply staring at the surface. Why are you holding your head down when there is so much beauty around? I remember as a kid there was a phase where I would literally walk with my head down for a while. It’s a strange memory and I can’t recall exactly at what age this would happen but I do remember it vividly. Anyways, when I think about it I’m more than sure it is because my self-esteem was extremely low. Academically I was doing amazing but physically I felt awkward and out of place. So rather than looking at the beauty around or within myself I focused on the surface. But, what I didn’t know was the peace, joy, and gift that existed within me. Those same qualities exist in you as well. You’ve first got to believe it!



Why are you holding your head down when there is so much beauty around?

While the world is buzzing with craziness all day, every day we can get caught up in the negativity of it all. A lot of us already have that negativity brewing inside of us due to past issues, past pain, and past betrayal. So keeping up with all of the current events can actually be a form of self-harm when it comes to how much of it we take in. If you are reading this, I want you to do yourself a favor: TURN IT OFF! Give yourself a break from it all.

We’re always so worried about our phones dying but so many of us aren’t taking note of our souls dying every day. Our spirit is being weakened day by day from the negativity it is exposed to but we’d rather make sure our very expensive smartphones are constantly plugged up. Well listen up, you need to give yourself that same energy. You are just as valuable as and even more expensive than any piece of electronic. So you owe it to you to recharge.

In the spirit of my former life as a teacher, I want to give you some homework.


1. Be consistent with fueling your battery/energy

This will look different for everyone. Fueling your battery might be watching mindless TV reruns, binge watching, reading, writing, praying, and watching self-help videos. Whatever it is that helps you to fuel up then that’s what you need to be doing.

2. Hold your head up! (Physically, mentally, and spiritually)

If you feel yourself shrinking to let others feel comfortable when you are around then that’s a major sign of you holding your head down. It is okay to take up space and be you. Find what makes you feel elevated mentally and spiritually. I truly believe the two are intertwined. For me it looks like prayer, meditation, self-help articles, videos and books. I stay plugged into personal development lessons throughout the week so that my head remains high.

3. Take a moment away from electronics, everything and everyone

You know what this means. Yeah put it down, give it a break. Now!

….but before you do that, take a look at this video I found while searching up images for this post. It’s a short but impactful clip from a young motivational speaker named King Nahh

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