Exit Self Doubt, Enter Self-Belief



DISCLAIMER: The following post is an original post from my first blog She.Is.Splendid. Over the next few months I will be sharing some of my favorite and most impactful pieces with you all. Enjoy! Please make sure to comment and share with someone who makes you smile.

For your listening pleasure:

Today’s #throwbackblogseries post is short and very sweet.

Your journey of success begins only when you believe in yourself & I mean really BELIEVE. Nothing anyone says to you about how good you are will matter or register until you actually take that to heart. Is your heart beating? Do you feel your lungs pumping that oxygen? That means you’ve still got life left in you & time to make moves. We’ve gotta seize the moments that we have & realize each and everyone one of us have potential to excel. We may not excel in the same ways and that’s okay. But we for damn sure gotta give ourselves more credit.

You got this. Now go on and be greater than you were yesterday. Forget trying to receive an applause from the outside world! Especially if you have yet to give yourself that much deserved standing ovation. Clap for YOU. Rejoice for YOU. Believe in YOU. Have faith in the fact that the dreams you desire will prevail but only when you turn that switch on of ultimate belief in self.

Serenity, Smiles & Positive Vibes,

Just Sophonie

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