Your Process is Progress



DISCLAIMER: The following post is an original post from my first blog She.Is.Splendid. Over the next few months I will be sharing some of my favorite and most impactful pieces with you all. Enjoy! Please make sure to comment and share with someone who makes you smile.

For your listening pleasure:

Listen up, all my procrastinators, self-doubters, and anxiety filled folks. You’re afraid that you aren’t progressing because all you see is the current place of your circumstances. Far too often our doubt originates from what we see occurring in the physical and if what is occurring doesn’t look too good, we get shook up. We begin to think that we will never get to where we want to be in life (peep that alliteration y’all) and this mind frame only holds us even further from progressing. We have to get rid of that idea. Simply because you don’t see it yet, doesn’t mean that it isn’t coming. Processing is still progressing. Say it with me, processing is still progressing. So if you are currently going through a process or a struggle that seems never ending, you are in the perfect place. As Frederick Douglass said, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”

Think about when you are downloading a file and it starts off at one percent; you suck your teeth in grief, upset that it won’t load faster. You turn to read a book or scroll through twitter then bam, the file is now at 5 percent. Now you’re thinking to yourself, “finally.” Progress has finally manifested in the physical so your flesh is now satisfied. But, you must keep in mind that in order to manifest more of what you want in life, you must train your mind to see what you want as if it has already happened in real time. I know this might sound all hippie dippy (which is basically my personality these days) BUT it’s true.

“Processing is still progressing.”

If you can’t see it or even begin to believe that it is possible, then chances are it won’t happen. You have a better chance of receiving what you desire, if you can at least see a smidgen of that desire actually manifesting into reality. I’ll admit I’m not always the best with this idea of seeing it before it manifests but when I do, man I tell you it is a beautiful site.


For example, I recently started a new job which pays within the range I was searching for, has benefits, free meals and a slew of other perks. I’ve always wanted to work at an establishment such as this one and it’s a different environment from where I’ve worked since graduating college. So kudos to growth.

I say all that to say, before getting the job I could envision myself in the building, wearing the uniform, and carrying out my daily duties. I may not have known the exact pay but I figured it would be just right for what I need at the moment. All the googling I did, the numbers didn’t even match with what I was later told I would be paid. Regardless, it took me finally giving myself room to truly believe and see that I was capable of receiving a pay upgrade and job upgrade in order for it to finally take place. Whenever I remain low in my thinking about myself or my situation, circumstances usually remain just the same. So this post is a bit more of a sermon to myself but one that I believe will help a number of you. As always, if this post has helped you in anyway, please let me know in the comments below. Like it and share it with others who think need a More to Life Monday pick me up.  

“If you can’t see it or even begin to believe that it is possible, then chances are it won’t happen.”


Serenity, Smiles & Positive Vibes,


Just Sophonie

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